Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

At Carrothers Associates we understand that a successful SAP® implementation is no guarantee of successful deployment. SAP training is what ultimately enables you to get the most out of your system. You can't realize the true value of your SAP system without employee SAP skills meeting the new system requirements. After all the planning, meeting and project setup, employee readiness to use the new system is the key to a successful project implementation.

Our training services are based on in-depth procurement and supply chain management business best practices and SAP software understanding. We deliver the knowledge of how to work within best practice processes and eliminate any gaps in understanding.

Delivering to small or large groups Carrothers Associates can tailor a training program to your exact needs delivered by expert SAP consultants with hands-on working knowledge in the procurement and supply chain world.

SAP training always pays dividends - both during the immediate 'go-live', and in the longer term. We can deliver complete training, or top-up refresher training.

Before we carry out any refresher training, we analyze your processes and system to identify any bottlenecks and inefficiencies.  We then define a comprehensive training program to address issues effectively.

We will always work with you to establish the best, tailored course of action based on your current systems and business processes or strategy.

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